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What Supervisors Need to Know
About Discriminatory Harassment


What Everyone Needs to Know
About Discriminatory Harassment

Welcome to the preview of HRTrain's online discriminatory harassment course.

This preview will give you a good first look at the structure of our online discriminatory harassment prevention course.

Employees will review 11 to 13 workplace scenarios.

Dynamic learning is facilitated with available reference materials.

In each scenario, employees will interact with a Human Resources department through simulated e-mail. They are offered suggestions on how to handle the situation.

Employees are introduced to the scenarios in a compelling manner.

Short question and answer sections further facilitate learning by reinforcing covered concepts.

Throughout the course, particular attention is paid to your organization's Discriminatory Harassment Policy.

Upon completion of the course, employees acknowledge that they have reviewed your policy and receive certification.

A Spanish version is available.

If you are interested in a longer demo, or if you have any questions, please register below or call 1-888-HR-TRAIN.

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