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Discriminatory Harassment Prevention Training

Our comprehensive online harassment training program contains entertaining but educational scenarios about sex, race, national origin, disability, religious, and sexual orientation harassment and discrimination issues. It also helps employers and employees learn how to address difficult situations such as a client who harasses your employees, extramarital affairs and dating relationships in the workplace, retaliation and constructive discharge.

The main program is designed for managers and supervisors, and is compliant with the requirements of the only three states that currently have their own harassment training rules: California, Connecticut and Maine. A separate program for employees covers all of these topics, in an abbreviated format. The interactive program is perfect for companies that have high turnover, making it difficult to ensure that all of your employees receive harassment training; or those with employees scattered at remote locations or who travel extensively, making it difficult to bring them into a central spot for live training.

The online format allows managers and employees to complete the program in parts, which allows them to get it done as their schedules permit. They can even log in from their home computers or from the road. (Just be sure that your non-exempt employees record their "after-hours" training as hours worked!) The program includes a tool that automatically tracks every manager or employee who goes through the program and creates a computer-based record.

We can easily customize this program to meet your specific needs. We want our training to work for you.

We want our training to work for you.

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